Professional Teeth Whitening Strips for Home Use CE Approved 20% Off



*Shiny White Teeth Whitening Strip with a layer of whitening gel on the film. soft and sticky.
*Easy to apply and remove, use the strips directly .
*Achieve to whiten the teeth. Produces a large number of cological reactive oxygen bubbles while the Strips attached to the teeth , clean pigments and stains , safely penetrate enamel and dentin
*Better ability protect the whitening ingredients. withstand the saliva.
*Adopt healthy and quality ingredient; with higher stability; mint flavor taste ,would not taste like chemical.
*Obtain the best results by completing the whole 14 day treatment .You will notice the difference though the shade guide which incleded in this product.

Treatment time: 30 minutes daily, 14 days a treatment
Certificate: CE, FDA, MSDS, GMP, ISO, SGS approval
Materials: Strip: PO; Backing Liner: PET

Use the Strips once a day for 30 Minutes for effective results, our strips come with full instructions on how to safely use and measure the effectiveness.

Packing list:
1 box include: 28 Teeth Whitening mint flavoured strips ( 14 upper and 14 lower )
1* English manual
1 *Shade guide

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The Factors About Teeth Discoloration

Some people are born with teeth teeth yellow than others.Other people’s teeth become yellow with age.You are born with teeth color will also be influenced by many factors.Stain on the surface of the tooth (dentist called external shading) and tooth discoloration is caused by the following reasons:

1.Tobacco (whether smoking or chewing tobacco)
2.Drinking coffee, tea or wine
3.Eat food color is very heavy, such as cherry and cranberry
4.Dental plaque deposits formed by dental plaque hardening

Internal stain (dentist called color) can be caused by the following reasons:
1.In the process of tooth form using antibacterial tetracycline for treatment
2.As the growth of the age, the teeth yellow or gray
3.Dental trauma, this trauma may cause tooth nerve death, so that the teeth become brown, gray, or black
4.In tooth formation period (from birth to 16) intake of excess fluoride, this makes the teeth seems to be the “spot”

What method can whiten teeth? 
By a dentist or physician health thorough cleaning, so that we can remove most of the external stains caused by food and tobacco.In addition to the regular dental, use whitening toothpaste also helps to remove the surface stains.If besmirch has existed for many years, you may need to professional teeth whitening, in order to remove these more stubborn external stain.

Bleaching, stick a face can be performed to the internal stain and braces (crowns sets).Although any one of these methods are safe and effective, but your dentist will according to the state of your teeth and you want to achieve the effect to recommend a most suitable for your method.Your dentist will consider the following factors:
1.The degree of stain and species
2.How much is left tooth structure (fill teeth? Do you need or want to change the shape of the teeth?)

What is the principle of teeth whitening? 
You can use your dental doctors to prescribe medicines at the dentist’s office or at home whitening teeth (bleach).Both ways to use whitening gel, tooth bleaching gel to oxidation stain.In the process of for teeth whitening, teeth become slightly sensitive is normal.

Whitening teeth that occupy the home
Now, whitening teeth that occupy the home is an increasingly popular method.Your dentist do an impression for your teeth, for you to customize a plates.You can load the whitening gel in braces, or wear at night two hours a day, about two weeks straight.Now, by the dentist many whitening kit contains a concentration of ten percent to 15 carbamide peroxide solution.If under the guidance of the dentist, the teeth whitening that occupy the home is very effective.
Whitening teeth in dental clinic
This process will not be too complicated, the cost will not very high, only 30 minutes to an hour at a time, you may have to be repeated several times, so as to achieve the desired whitening effect.In order to protect your mouth, can to your gums daub a gelatinous material, and the tooth neck placed around a plastic “shield”.Then, to your teeth daub is an antioxidant (bleaching solution).
Sometimes need to be in the interval of five minutes using a special kind of light, to help activate the whitening agent.


What Treatment Options Are Available to Whiten Teeth?



Everyone wants a bright, white smile, but teeth are vulnerable to discoloration from foods and drinks, tobacco use and even normal aging. Treatment options to whiten teeth can vary depending on the cause of the discoloration.What treatment options are available to whiten teeth?

Whitening toothpastes use gentle abrasives or chemicals to help remove surface stains. They have special ingredients for preventing decay,plaque control,tartar control,whitening,gum care or helping sensitive teeth.

Whitening Strips&Whitening Pen
Whitening strips are thin pieces of plastic coated in peroxide. You will attach the strips to the front of your teeth, and you will wear them about 30 minutes a day for two weeks. The results typically last around four months. Most experts and consumers agree that whitening strips are the most effective form of do-it-yourself whitening.If you don’t like the teeth whitening strips,you can choose the teeth whitening pen,You can enjoy using it anytime,anywhere.

Whitening gel can offer comparable results to strips. The exact treatment regimen will depend on the type and strength of gel you choose.

Teeth Whitening Rinses
Whitening rinses gradually lighten teeth with ingredients like hydrogen peroxide. Because the product only stays in contact with the tooth surface for a few seconds each day, it may take up to 12 weeks to see results.

Whitening trays: 
Small trays resembling mouth guards are filled with a gel whitening formula and placed onto the teeth for varying lengths of time each day or night.

At-Home Care-Home teeth whitening kits
There are different kinds of teeth whitening kits can be used at home.They are include some teeth whitening gels,a small teeth whitening lamp,mouth tray and shade guide.You can use them whiten your teeth easily at home.

How to whiten teeth at home?

Professional In-Office Teeth Bleaching/Whitening
Professional teeth whitening systems use stronger agents that are applied directly to the tooth surface. Heat, light, or laser treatment may be used to enhance results. There are many office kits and teeth whitening lamp can be used in this process.

How to whiten teeth at office?
Dental Clinic:
Beauty Salon:

Good Teeth Whitening Partner-Vitamin E Swabs & Dental Bib



Good Teeth Whitening Partner- Vitamin E Swabs & Dental Bib

Vitamin E Swabs
*Gum protection
*Relieve sensitive and pain during whitening treatment.
*Deeply moisturizes and protects dry lips.
*Convenient,sanitary and disposable.


Dental Bib
*Excellent waterproof with belt.
*Unique water repellent.
*Increased strength and tear resistance with plastic backing for added clothing protection.

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1.Our most popular stand model laser uv lamp.
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3.7-10 color ranks to be boosted for one period of treatment.
4.Specialized whitening cold blue lights,low heat remain ensure the patient’s comfort,many customers generally left high praise to this whitening lights after used.
5.Advanced operation interface,with great convenience and facility,it is easy to operate for each dentist or beautician.

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3.7-10 color ranks to be boosted for one period of treatment.
4.Specialized whitening cold blue lights,low heat remain ensure the patient’s comfort
5.Total 8 blue Led lights,supplying plenitudinous cold light luminescence.

When you buy the teeth whitening lamp,you will get five free teeth whitening kits .
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IMGP9846 修

1pc zipper bag
1pc soft tray(foil bag packing)
1pc cheek retractor(M size)
1pc 4.5ml teeth whitening gel
1pc dental bib
2pcs brush ups
2pcs VE swabs

How to use the teeth whitening lamp with kits?You can click here to see the video.

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